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Woven Lanyards

Woven Lanyards

Embroidered Lanyards for a higher quality, greater durability and executive look

What’s the difference between Woven Lanyards and Printed Lanyards?

If you require greater durability then consider Woven Lanyards. As with Printed Lanyards you can brand your product to your own specifications, choosing ribbon and logo colours, however your design is embroidered to give a longer life and the ultimate quality finish to your Lanyards.

There is a small cost difference to Printed Lanyards but for that more executive look, feel and greater durability they offer a greater economy and an easy way to promote your brand.

We also supply a Woven Luggage Strap for easy identification, a simple but effective idea that gets your brand noticed.

What are Detailed Woven Lanyards?

When your design involves finer detail we would recommend that you use these Lanyards. The design is stitched onto a soft ribbon and then sewn onto a backing ribbon concealing the back of the back of the stitching. This gives you more choice when designing your artwork.

What else do I need?

Add your attachments and Card Holders and that’s it.

Do they take longer to produce?

The simple answer is no, our standard delivery is 10 days, but we will always check if we can produce them earlier if your requirement is urgent.

View Our Range of Woven Lanyards Below.

Woven lanyard

From £0.50

Product Description: With our woven lanyard, the artwork is woven or embroidered into the materia..

Woven Lanyard – Two Side Weave

From £0.60

Product Description With our woven lanyard, the artwork is woven into the material on front and b..

Detailed Woven Lanyard

From £0.73

Product Description With our detail woven lanyards, the artwork is woven into the soft ribbon mat..

Woven Rope lanyard

From £0.65

Product Name: Woven Rope Lanyard Min. Order 250   Product Description: This is a roun..

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